About Me


My name is Diana, and my life is nothing short of crazy at all times.

I have been married for over 10 years to my highschool sweatheart and have been with my Husband for over 13  years now. We met in South Africa, where we were both born and raised, moving our lives over to the UK around 12  years ago.

We are proud parents to a son and a daughter, both of them are a huge part of my passion for photography and they are muses.

I have always had an eye for photography. When I was younger, my grandfather had his own dark room and although I was too young at the time to be taught all he knew, this was when I was first introduced to cameras and the purpose they served.

I love the finished result of all my photographs and the effect a great photograph can have on the person involved, their family, freinds and strangers too. This is one of the aspects of doing this job that makes it so worthwhile. Creating memories. Evoking feelings. Allowing people the opportunity to see things they may have never seen before, in a way that makes them truly appreciate what they have or what they have been through.

Trust in me. 

~ Creating timeless images ~

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